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York Press column – Government must deliver on growth to maintain trust

York Press column – Government must deliver on growth to maintain trust

There is no point pretending last week’s heavy by-election losses do not send a serious message to the government. Defeated in both a traditionally very ‘safe’ rural West Country seat and urban West Yorkshire, my party is clearly struggling to retain public confidence across a diverse swathe of communities. My thoughts on how our leadership

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Statment on result of 1922 Committee vote of confidence in the Prime Minister

June 6, 2022

The scale of the vote against the Prime Minister this evening is clear evidence that he no longer enjoys the full-hearted confidence of the parliamentary party and should consider his position.

As someone who supported Boris Johnson in the 2019 leadership election and wants to deliver the manifesto promises made at the last general election, it is regrettable that I had to vote against the Prime Minister but, as I have made clear in previous statements, I no longer have confidence in his ability to lead us through the challenges we face as a nation. With a global cost of living crisis impacting family budgets and war returning to Europe, the public should not have to doubt the honesty or integrity of our Prime Minister and our Government’s focus should not be questioned.

I remain focused on delivering for my York constituents, but feel it is important to be honest about my considered view that the interests of our city and country are best served by a new Prime Minister.