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York Press column – Flood risk returns as York rolls out the vaccine

York Press column – Flood risk returns as York rolls out the vaccine

With the return of York’s flooding problem last week on top of covid, the resilience of our city is being given a real test. Of course, it has not been found wanting, and I pay a warm tribute to the City of York Council, Environment Agency and emergency services staff who are working to get

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York Outer flood risk update

I am closely monitoring the situation, and have checked in with our local Environment...

Julian’s statement on tonight’s vote on Covid-19 tier restrictions

December 1, 2020

 “After long and careful thought, I very reluctantly decided to vote for the new tiers system tonight.

I am painfully aware of the social and economic harm that the continued restrictions are doing, and am voting on the explicit basis of clear commitments I have been given after a lengthy conversation today with the Chancellor, as well as hearing from the Prime Minister. I have been assured that within weeks the system will be revised to create more localised tiers based on council areas, which should allow York to move to a tier position more consistent with its lower virus rate. I am taking them at their word on this, and if we do not get significant changes to the system to get York into Tier 1, I have put Ministers on notice that I will vote against any extension of this system.

To be frank, the easy option would have been to vote against, in the knowledge that the measures would still go through, and then the government would not need to work to retain my support for the next stage. I believe by giving the Government the benefit of the doubt now, I am making the better decision for our community by ensuring I retain leverage over the Government at the next stage.

I am very unhappy to be given a binary choice by the government tonight between this system or no restrictions, but given this stark decision, I concluded that voting in favour was the safest decision for our city.”