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Local Coronavirus Update

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Julian welcomes manifesto as “a serious plan for Britain’s future”

May 19, 2017

Julian has welcomed the Conservative manifesto unveiled yesterday in Halifax.

Julian said “Theresa May has produced a serious plan for Britain’s future, and I am glad to see she came to Yorkshire to do so. This manifesto shows the Conservatives are determined to deliver for people in all walks of life, and are not afraid to tackle serious long-term issues to ensure opportunity and fairness across the board. It aims to spread the benefits of prosperity more widely and improve our public services, with more affordable housing and a serious plan to fund social care.”

Conservative plans aim to liberate the potential of everyone across the UK, as the country engages with the challenges and opportunities of the Brexit process. The income tax personal allowance will rise to £12,500 by 2020 so hardworking people can keep more of what they earn, and business taxation will be lowered to encourage companies to create jobs and invest. The National Living Wage will be increased so that the lower-paid can enjoy their fair share of prosperity, and workplace rights will be improved so that people have greater security at work.

Difficult national problems of our ageing society and housing will be tackled head on. A proper plan for social care will ensure no one will have to sell their home in their lifetime to pay for care, while pensions will be protected so that they rise in line with earnings and inflation. Councils and housing associations will also be supported to build a new wave of affordable homes, with a built-in Right to Buy for tenants, as part of a plan to build 1.5 million homes by 2022.

A strong economy will provide funds to maintain and improve our vital public services, with £8 billion more for the NHS over the next 5 years, and a £4 billion increase in schools funding by 2022. Julian said “more money for schools and hospitals is very welcome, and it is essential that this is directed to correct the historic under-funding of our local schools and NHS. I am particularly encouraged by the manifesto pledge to correct unfair school funding arrangements, which leave York disadvantaged against other areas.”

Julian also said “To develop our city’s economy, we need new infrastructure, and more support for our world-beating universities, and this manifesto shows my party’s determination to deliver this for York.” It includes commitments to develop the road and rail network, and invest in roads to address congestion and support local growth, criteria which York’s ring road easily meets. Cutting-edge university research will also supported with more funding, extending our science base with the aim of making the UK the most innovative country in the world.

Speaking after it’s release, Julian asserted: “This manifesto is a serious and sensible programme for government and it is now clearer than ever that the Conservative party is the only party prepared to govern in the interests of everyone. We all want excellent public services to educate our children, look after us when we are ill, and keep us safe. But the only way to deliver this is through promoting economic growth, bolstering the number of people in work, and giving a fair deal to Britain’s taxpayers. This is undoubtedly the salient message in this manifesto and I believe it will strike a chord with very many people up and down the country.”