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Julian Sturdy

Member of Parliament for York Outer

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Julian visits Askham Bar Vaccination Site

Julian visits Askham Bar Vaccination Site

Following the announcement over the weekend that the UK’s vaccine programme had reached another milestone with over twenty million people having received at least one vaccine dose, Julian visited York’s Askham Bar vaccination site to see how the rollout is being managed locally. The Askham Bar site is quite unique in many ways, in the

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Julian supports British airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq

September 26, 2014

Parliament was recalled today in order for MPs to debate British military involvement in Iraq against the terrorist organisation ISIL.

Having returned to Westminster, Julian set out his rationale for voting in favour of British airstrikes. He said “ISIL are a murderous, terrorist organisation who have no regard for human life. They pose a direct threat to Britain through their calls to overthrow Western civilisation by infiltrating and radicalising communities within our own country. We cannot turn a blind eye as they continue to seize vast swaths of territory and in the process massacre entire villages who do not to convert to their perverse ideology.

“It is essential that the West and the Arab world unite to defeat this evil organisation, which terrorises local inhabitants and kidnaps and beheads journalists and aid-workers. The proposals before Parliament today represent the best course of action as the grave consequences of inaction far outweigh those that flow from intervening militarily. We have been invited to assist the democratically elected Iraqi Government as part of a broad international coalition and crucially the proposals do not involve British combat troops on the ground. Another vote would be required for any British boots on the ground, which I have yet to be convinced is an appropriate step for the country to take.

“It is essential that we continue to deliver humanitarian assistance to those most in need. I am proud that this Government has committed over £600 million in development aid to the region, making the UK the world’s second largest donor after the United States. The assistance will be invaluable in helping local people rebuild their lives after their homes and communities have been ripped apart by the appalling sectarian violence. We need the broadest possible coalition with the support of all the Arab nations in order to foster the right environment for the people of the Middle East to live together in peace”.