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Hosepipe Ban for Yorkshire

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Julian questions climate conference president on using new tech to protect living standards while combating climate change

July 22, 2022

Julian this week used questions to the President of the COP 26 climate change conference in the House of Commons to stress climate change should be tackled through new technology and science, rather than through measures that damage economic growth and harm living standards.

Britain hosted the COP 26 climate change meeting of world leaders in autumn 2021. Our government successfully brokered an international agreement to reduce polluting emissions, and conference president Alok Sharma continues to lead on the government’s follow-up work from within the Cabinet.

The UK was the first major world economy to commit to reach ‘net zero’ by 2050, meaning total British emissions will equal or be less than the total we remove from the environment through carbon ‘capture’ or offsetting.

In the Commons on Wednesday Julian asked the President if he agreed “that net zero should be achieved through rolling-out low carbon technology and scientific solutions, such as the gene editing Bill, rather than measures that dampen economic growth and depress living standards?

Alok Sharma replied that this was “absolutely right. Green technologies and innovations are what is going to help us achieve the net zero target.”

He agreed that gene editing, which allows for more food to be produced from crops and animals using fewer resources, was a good example of this, and noted other technology the government is supporting, like renewable energy.

After leaving the Commons chamber, Julian said: “Current global inflation underlines the necessity of addressing global warming by using new science and technology to make the production of goods greener, rather than shutting down or restricting economic activity in a way that raises prices for families.

‘Net zero’ has only become possible because of tech innovation and scientific advance in recent years that allows for decarbonisation of everyday life, and is the only way to slash emissions while protecting living standards.

I was glad to hear a public commitment on this, but will continue pushing to ensure the government’s actions match its words.”