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Minster FM announcement

Minster FM announcement

I am saddened by the announcement that Minster FM is to be absorbed into ‘Greatest Hits Radio North Yorkshire’ after acquisition by Bauer Media, and fear this means the loss of a distinctive local institution. I have always enjoyed my appearances on Minster, and believe it has made a valuable contribution to the cultural life

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Julian hails continued strong York Outer jobs numbers

May 15, 2019

Julian has welcomed the latest jobs figures, which show unemployment in the York Outer constituency remains well below the UK average, and at record lows nationwide.

The proportion of local residents in receipt of unemployment benefits as of April was just 1.1% of the economically active population aged 16-64.The national average is 3.5%.

The overall UK unemployment rate for the first quarter of this year was just 3.8%, the lowest figure for 45 years. Female unemployment is at its lowest level since records began, and average weekly earnings rose by 3.3%, 1.5% above the rate of inflation.

Julian said “It’s very reassuring to see employment remains so high in York Outer, solid evidence that our city continues to be a successful and dynamic place.

The fact York’s economy continues to generate this volume of jobs and growth is a clear sign both of the strength of local enterprise even in the face of the non-resolution of the Brexit process, and the need to conclude an orderly withdrawal and transition to a new relationship with Europe, so we can safeguard and build on this continued economic progress.

While the local and national jobs numbers are excellent, I know there can be no room for complacency. I and other decision-makers need to do all we can to keep the York and UK economies firing on all cylinders we can continue to generate higher wages and more jobs, and provide new resources for our vital public services. It is therefore essential that our city continues to be welcome new business investment, such as at the York Central development.

I am also keen to focus on improving the quality as well as the quantity of work, ensuring employees, especially young people, have wide opportunities to improve their skills, ensuring they can obtain rewarding, well-paid jobs. This is why I am so glad that York has been chosen as the site of one the first wave of 12 new Institutes of Technology, which will offer university-level technical qualifications, in close cooperation with local employers, supporting young people to move into skilled jobs.”