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Budget 2021: Protecting the Jobs and Livelihoods of the British People

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Julian calls for a more sensible reduction for Feed-in Tariffs

September 18, 2015

Yesterday in Parliament Julian, an elected member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, raised the serious concerns currently being voiced in the solar industry. Speaking in Energy and Climate Change departmental questions Julian said: “I very much welcome the review of feed-in tariffs. We should be working towards a zero-subsidised solar industry, but does the Secretary of State not agree that the way to deliver zero subsidy is to have a slightly more tapered reduction so that we continue to have a vibrant solar industry and also make sure that we do not deliver over the coming months a huge rush of applications?”

 The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd,  responded: “I know that my hon. Friend takes a particular interest in solar power. It is too early to say what the outcome will be—we are the middle of our consultation—but we are receiving some very helpful replies from businesses and other participants, which will help us to work out the correct level of support. We want to be careful with bill payers’ money, while also ensuring that we support the solar industry.”

Commenting, Julian said “I fully appreciate why the Government has decided to review Feed-in tariffs, the initial aim was to support 750,000 installations by 2020 however this ambition is expected to be achieved by the end of the year. However this has meant the overall costs have also exceeded expectation, as this year we are likely to spend £925 million on Feed-in tariffs and this is projected to rise to £1.6 billion in 2020/21 without action. However, some of the proposals which are out for consultation concern me, as I feel they represent a cliff edge cut that could decimate the current solar industry. I believe we need more certainty in the market whilst delivering a reduction in subsidies but through a more tapered approach that everyone is aware of, and a timescale investors can work towards.”