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Julian Sturdy

Member of Parliament for York Outer

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Julian joins Lobular Moon Shot Project

Julian joins Lobular Moon Shot Project

Julian has joined over one-hundred Members of Parliament backing the Lobular Moon Shot Project to improve research funding into lobular breast cancer. Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC) is the 2nd most common type of breast cancer. 3.75 million people will be diagnosed with this cancer in the next 10 years, yet ILC currently has no specific treatment and behaves

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Election Countdown

May 5, 2015

With only 48 hours left until the General Election Julian is continuing to step up his campaigning efforts across the constituency. Since the Dissolution of Parliament on the 30th March Julian has been out and about every day, knocking on doors, meeting local people and listening to their concerns.

Speaking today on the campaign trail, Julian said:

“I have really enjoyed these last few weeks which have enabled me to meet so many people up and down the constituency. I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the constituency of York Outer since 2010, and would love the opportunity to continue to stand up for local interests for another five years.

“There is so much more I want to do, which I have summarised in my six point plan for the constituency. This includes protecting York’s Greenbelt; ensuring we have fairer health funding for York and North Yorkshire; securing a permanent solution to York’s transport and congestion issues; remaining accessible to all my constituents; bridging the digital divide with the roll out of superfast broadband across the constituency, and finally ending the wind farm folly, which will stop the lucrative taxpayer subsidies for onshore wind turbines.”

Nationally, the Prime Minister has been travelling up and down the country, ensuring that people know the choice they face this Thursday. Julian has been keen to push the message that if you want security, stability and to stay on the path to recovery then vote Conservative. Only 23 more seats and 11,000 more votes are needed to secure a majority to ensure that Britain can have a strong and stable Government, without the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) holding the balance of power.

Although Ed Miliband may have ruled out a formal coalition with the SNP, he did not rule out negotiations on a vote-by-vote, issue-by-issue basis. This is because it is impossible for Labour to win a majority after the collapse of their vote in Scotland.

Julian has stated:

“Ed Miliband propped up by the SNP is a scary thought but could be a reality on Friday if the Conservatives do not secure the votes they desperately need. I believe we are offering people a better future by fixing the economy;, cutting income tax; decreasing the deficit; controlling benefits and making work pay; protecting and improving the NHS, and increasing the state pension.

“The choice is clear, so please vote Conservative on Thursday.”